Thrift Shop

In July 1983  the Rev. G. Sproule was given a Mini-bus by Mr. Edward Gill for the use of St. Aidan's Parish.  After the bus was on the road, the Tax and Insurance was due and a garage was also required to house the bus.

Mrs. S.  Sproule, Mrs. M. McBride, Mrs. M. McClung and Miss Irene Nixon opened the Thrift Shop as a means of raising money to keep the bus on the road.  This proved to be a very good way of supporting the running costs of the vehicle.

 There were many happy events and “Outings” on the Mini-bus.  The happy events were always involving the young people, the Girl's Brigade going to their various competitions, Swimming nights and days out to different places and the boy's in the Church Lad's Brigade going to their Race and Football events.  The elderly parishioners also enjoyed wee excursions out with the Rector and his wife to the sea-side for a couple of hours away from the fire-side.  Every Sunday there was a Church Run where the Minibus picked up people who had difficulty getting to Church.  When the Mini-bus was hijacked and found burnt out, the Thrift Shop was able to replace it and went on to purchase a third bus.  The Thrift Shop has also been a major grants giver to the Church and Church Hall Restoration Fund's.

Many thanks to all who have supported the Thrift Shop over the years, by donations of clothing, knic-knacs and  purchases.   Also those working tirelessly in the background, past years and present, who have given of their spare time to make this venture the great success it is.   Our thanks to Maureen McBride, Joan Newton, Barbara Weir,
Ada Rice, Isobel McCreery and Norah Baillie who are presently working in the shop.

 For over thirty years The Thrift Shop has been providing a service to both our Church and our Community
and God willing, will continue to do so in the future.